The Bentley Continental GT has been around for a whopping 12 years! First produced in 2003, as the first ‘new’ car released under the Volkswagen Group management, when the company acquired Bentley in 1998.

Continental GTThe car featured a massive 6.0L W12 engine, producing 560BHP, a top speed of 197.6MPH and a 0-60MPH of 4.8 seconds.

The GT received it’s first proper facelift in 2011, which gave it a more modern look, and adding a smaller engine option, a 4.0L V8 to the range. Last year, Bentley sold over 11,000 models of the Continental GT.

Continental GTNow, the luxury automotive company have announced that they will be giving the GT one last face lift, before a newer model replaces it in 2017. The face lift will give the GT ‘one last hurrah’, with the newest facelift allowing the Bentley to have 7 different variants, and expanding the Continental GT into newer markets, according to the product line director Paul Jones.

Continental GTThe newest generation GT will have a smaller front grille, with more defined fenders. The biggest engine package on the 6.0L W12 will have it’s power increased to 582BHP, whilst making the engine more efficient, increasing it’s fuel economy to an average of 15MPH.

Prices of the new variant will cost from £130,000.

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