After talks with the Italian Government earlier in the month over the production of their upcoming 4×4, the Urus. Lamborghini have agreed to go ahead with the production of what will ultimately be the most desired 4×4 ever. The Urus will be produced in Italy, presumably down to the tax relief and other benefits offered to the supercars manfacture as part of the deal made between the two.  This, in turn will help reduce the amount of unemployment in the country.

Urus Rear

Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann has said that the plans will be officially unveiled later in the week during a press conference. The Urus will rival other luxury 4×4 vehicles such as the Audi Q7, the Porsche Cayenne and the upcoming Bentley Bentayga.

The concept of the car first made it’s debut in 2012 at the Beijing Auto Show, where the carbon fibre body housed a V10 engine. Lamborghini now hopes that a production version of the car will outsell it’s current best-seller, the Aventador, and increase it’s production to 3,000 units per year of the new model.

Urus Side

What are your thoughts on the Urus? Are Lamborghini making a mistake by producing a superSUV? Should they diverse into the 4×4 market or stick to what they know best?

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