This design was a bit of a nightmare. I spent three hours creating it yesterday, only to accidentally click “close” on Photoshop. Now, I was prompted with “Do you want to save Cerberus?” and being the blithering idiot I am, I panicked and clicked “No” by accident. So that was three hours completely down the drain, and it was the angriest I’ve ever been this year. I was fuming with myself because I was really proud of it. Today, I was still heartbroken about the loss of this new creation, so I decided to do it all over again. It took me another three hours, but the Cerberus lives!

MF Design CerberusThis thing is pure evil. Imagine seeing this in your rear-view mirror! DRIVE!! This red-eyed beast would have a lot of power. I’m talking a 700bhp V8. The car is extremely wide and lowered quite a bit. You may also notice that the Honda logo has been swapped for a rather menacing face. This is because I think that if you looked at this car you would wonder what it is, and seeing a Honda badge will cause confusion – because this is not like the Honda you see every day and people tend to associate Honda with normal, low-powered cars. The hood just had to have vents on it too. The Cerberus is probably one of my best designs, and the most outrageous.

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16, Colossal car enthusiast. Amateur car photographer and designer. Photography Instagram: LondonCarSpotting. Designs Instagram: MFCarDesign.

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