As much as everyone loves the Aston Martin Vulcan, the Ferrari FXX-K and the McLaren P1 GTR, its a shame that we’ll never get to see them on the road. But then there’s a question: will these three manufacturers make road-legal versions of their insane track cars? I’ve cooked up a few renderings to imagine what they might look like.

Vulcan S

First up to get the road-legal treatment is the Vulcan. Meet the Vulcan S, a much tamer and sophisticated version. The suspension has been slightly raised so you won’t be ploughing into speed bumps, the big front diffuser has been removed, the anti-roll bars no longer need to be there, and many more small features of the car that looked too much for a road car have gone. The wheels have also been swapped for the GT12’s ones. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the wing. When has a road-legal Aston ever had a massive wing? It’s gotta go! I did test what the GT12’s wing would look like on it but it just looked stupidly wrong. I actually hope this is what the DB11 will look a bit like, because it’s derived from their best ever car in my opinion. Now, before you get excited about a road-legal Vulcan, it’s not happening. I asked the lead designer at Aston Martin if it is on the to-do list, and he said that it will never happen. WHY?!

LaFerrari MNext up, a road-legal FXX-K. The LaFerrari M (standing for Monza). The front bumper had to be redesigned. The FXX-K had a massive front diffuser and a bunch of race features that needed to go. The, uh, wing things? Had to go. I tried it without the FXX-K decals, but it seemed too bare, so it will be like the Speciale where it’s two-toned with the stripes. I’d love something like this to make production, obviously I can’t ask Ferrari because it’s a *little* harder to get information from them. But a faster, angrier LaFerrari would be awesome.

P1 LM 2My final and favourite one is the P1 LM. Please McLaren, for the love of God, make this car! The P1 GTR is a good as it gets with expensive track-only cars, but there needs to be a car in that halfway point between the GTR and the P1. They did it with the F1, so this is the most probable one out of all three. The canards were too much and all the branding and race livery is gone. The passenger seat has been re-added, and the colour? McLaren Orange of course. The wing is the main feature of it. If it were gone it’d just be a P1 with a stripe and a big front lip, nothing special, might as well call it an MSO P1. But the GTR’s wing added so much presence to the car that it needs to be on a road legal version!

Which one would you want to go into production the most?

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