The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was first produced by the American car manufacturer in 1953. Back then, the Stingray C1 was available in a number of engine options, with the biggest being a 5.4L big block V8. The third generation Corvette was produced between 1968 and 1982. Also known as the Stingray, the C3 generation also had a wide variety of engine choices, stretching up to a 7.4L big block V8!


This model, featured in yellow, is a 1974 coupe version of the C3 generation Corvette. It’s got the small block, 5.7L V8 in it, producing 300BHP on a 4 speed transmission. The car has been driven by just three owners and covered 51,000 miles. The first owner, in the USA, bought the car on 1st January 1974 and kept it for a number of years, before selling the car to the second owner in Australia in 2010.


The Australian owner kept the car for three years, where then it was imported into the UK by the cars most recent owner in 2013. The only issues with the car that the seller notes is that the rev counter seems to stick at time and the original radio in the vehicle does not work. These are the only faults for a 42 year old vehicle, which isn’t too bad!


This yellow piece of American history is listed for just £17,995, and for this price, definitely makes it onto our Used Performance Car of the Week!

Images from Sovereign Car Sales, full advert can be found here.


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